5 Tips for Keeping Your Fitness Resolutions in 2018

It’s that time again; the first month of a newborn year, all shiny and full of promise. It feels good to begin again, to reevaluate your goals and recommit to a stronger, leaner, full-of-energy self. With renewed passion you’ve made up your mind, cleared your schedule, and put yourself and your health on the front burner.

So what happened?

It’s called Life. What begins every January with excitement and commitment often fades as reality reenters the picture. It’s hard to stay motivated, sometimes, when jobs, kids, colds, and stress take over once the holiday glam has passed.

And we can be impatient creatures, too, on fire to begin and then disappointed when results aren’t immediate.

So how do you keep that enthusiasm on high? Onslow Fitness, the best health club in Jacksonville, has some advice. Here are 5 ways to keep your fitness resolutions on track throughout the year.

Set Realistic Goals 

Goals are great. They give you something to work toward. But if you haven’t been to our Jacksonville gym in a while, be kind to yourself and start with manageable goals you’re sure to achieve.

Begin with shorter workouts and pace yourself. Gradually build up to that faster speed on the treadmill or that incline on the bike. Start slow, monitor your heart rate, and steadily watch your endurance improve. As your confidence grows, add some strength training on free weights or share in the energy of a group fitness class.

Crush those shorter, achievable goals and you’ll begin to soar!

Establish a Routine

It takes some time to create a habit, but you can do it. Choose a time when you can go to the gym regularly. Put it on your schedule and make it happen. Stick to the schedule and pretty soon it will be a new habit, one that you’ll look forward to.

Not a morning person? Don’t pick the early a.m. for your workout. Pick a time later in the day when you’re wide awake, motivated, and ready to MOVE. Conversely, if you love to start your day invigorated and on top of your game, come to our gym in Jacksonville bright and early. You choose what works best for you.

Enlist a Personal Trainer

Ok, so you’ve set aside time to get to the health club, you’ve got your towel, water, and appropriate gym shoes. Now what?

If you’re not sure where to start, how will you know what type of exercise is the most efficient and effective? What activity will get you to your goals?

That’s where personal training comes in. A personal trainer at Onslow Fitness will get you on track with a routine that matches your fitness level and aims for your objectives. Plain and simple, a personal trainer is a coach who will guide, encourage and support you on your journey to fitness.

Already an athlete but stumped by a plateau? A personal trainer will help you shake up your routine and jumpstart your metabolism and breakthrough to the next level.

Have Fun!

Working out shouldn’t feel like a chore that you dread. Find activities that you’ll enjoy here at our health club, exercise that you look forward to because of the fun and the sense of accomplishment.

Group fitness classes are a great way to work fun into your work out, with sessions like Zumba, spinning, BodyPump, and barre. You’ll make friends with others who, like you, are ready to make health and wellness a top priority.

Swim in our heated indoor pool, try out the 20/30 weight loss program, or try out small group training. Just find what makes you smile!

Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

After each workout, take a few minutes to let it all sink in. You did it! You’ve earned a well-deserved pat on the back for showing up and digging in.

Your brain releases endorphins after exercise, and so those great feelings are more than just pride in your accomplishments. There are feel-good hormones coursing through your veins, so enjoy the rush and keep reaching for the next milestone.

Ready to get going? Onslow Fitness is convenient, comfortable, and on your team. If you’re struggling with your New Year’s resolutions, we’ll help you make them happen.