Train Like an Athlete

Growing up as an athlete, I can appreciate a versatile fitness center. Soccer players don’t just train on the field kicking balls and sprinting, swimmers don’t just train swimming laps in a pool, and sprinters do far more than just run. Cross training helps to develop even the most well rounded athletes by strengthening and conditioning their bodies to perform at the most elite levels.
As a personal trainer I can tell you that the best way to build and strengthen your muscles is with muscle confusion. By constantly doing the same movement or exercise, your muscles will only develop so far before knowing what to expect. Mixing up the exercises and movements regularly keeps those muscle fibers guessing and allows them to continue to grow and progress. Any athlete will tell you that cross training and weight training have significantly improved their performance and endurance when performed regularly.

Onslow Fitness is an athlete’s dream. From the standard weight room and cardio equipment to the functional fitness area, pool, and outdoor training area, our gym in Jacksonville offers such a diverse training environment that it can fit the need of any athlete. Whether you want to cross train in the weight room, flip some tires, beat a heavy bag, or suspend yourself with the TRX, this health club has you covered.

Maybe some days you just don’t feel like sticking to your plan or making up a workout — and that’s fine! You have already done the hardest part by showing up to the gym, so let us take care of the rest. Our Jacksonville gym offers classes throughout the day as well as on-demand fitness classes in the multipurpose room.

They say that “knowledge is power”, and one of my favorite features at Onslow Fitness doesn’t even come in the form of training, but rather knowledge. As an athlete, personal trainer, and just someone who wants to learn, using the fit3d machine that our health club offers is the most amazing tool an athlete can utilize. The fit3d scan will not only give you a breakdown of your basic height, weight, and body fat percentage, but it also provides a 3D image of YOUR body. It can tell you your lean body mass, information on your balance and any structural deviations, as well as accurate measurements of every body part from your neck and waist to your biceps, thighs and calves.

The machine truly is amazing and extremely helpful. By educating yourself on your body, you can tweak your work outs and training to focus on correcting any imbalances you may have. It is also super motivational. If you don’t feel as though you’re making any progress in weight loss or muscle gain, you can do another scan and see if your muscle circumferences are growing or if your lean body mass has increased.