Want Results? Work Out with a Friend.

You’ve made up your mind and now you’re ready to do what it takes to crush your fitness goals.

There’s time on your schedule for consistent workouts and you’ve packed your gym bag. You have a supply of healthy, protein-filled snacks ready to go. You have your water bottle, a towel, and some bass-thumping beats on your MP-3 player. You’re all set to head into our ​gym in Jacksonville​ — and you’re expecting results. Know what else will make your fitness journey easier? A friend.

Yep, it’s true.

Working out with a friend offers plenty of physical and emotional benefits. Whether your goals are short-term (like toning up to fit into that killer black dress) or long-range (such as losing weight or improving your health), sharing that experience with a buddy makes the ride so much smoother.

Here are a few other reasons why you should partner up at our ​Jacksonville gym​:

● It’s more fun! Sharing the dance sizzle of Zumba group fitness (or the relaxation of Yoga) often makes working out far more entertaining and enjoyable.

● You’ll be challenged — especially if your workout partner is more physically fit. There’s nothing wrong with a little rivalry among friends, especially if it packs more power into your workout.

● You’ll have a shoulder to lean on, and a friend to rely on, when the going gets tough.

● You might learn something new. Let’s face it – sometimes we all get stuck in a rut. Your workout buddy might help you mix it up a little. Get you to try a new class, a workout you may never have thought of before.

● You’re held accountable. Even on days when you just don’t feel like going, you’re less likely to cancel your time at the gym when you know someone else is depending on you.

● You’ll have a spotter to check your form and help you count reps.

There you have it. Although sometimes you just might want to work out on your own, lost in your thoughts as you run on the treadmill or lift those weights, partnering up in the gym is a great way to add fun, accountability, encouragement, and support into your routine.

What keeps you motivated at ​Onslow Fitness​? Let us know – and keep your eyes on the prize!