Functional Fitness or Functional Training is focused on building the body to handle every day, real life activity in real life positions.

More so than conventional weight training, functional training incorporates a variety of movement, in a very specific manner, teaching your muscles to work together. This type of training helps overcome isolated weaknesses and degenerative conditions that contribute to things like poor posture, unnecessary injury and inhibited daily function.

Particularly, we focus on strengthening core stabilizing muscles, as well as other commonly used joints and muscles, in positions that simulate regular real life situation. This can greatly improve your balance, body control, form, endurance, mobility and flexibility which, in turn, improves your quality of daily life.


Onslow Fitness knows that sometimes, especially when the weather is nice, and you’ve been cooped up in the house or in the office all day, an outdoor workout is the way to go! For this, our gym in Jacksonville has added our outdoor functional training area.

Here, it’s back to basic fun, focusing on the skills we used as kids on the playground. Utilizing your own body resistance, suspension training and simple tools, we offer a unique workout experience that is anything but boring.

Workouts provides proven results in strength, power and metabolic training and Small Group Personal Training Sessions are offered 5 days a week for your convenience.

If you feel lost in a large group class but don’t enjoy working out on your own, check out small group personal training. You’ll be able to enjoy the energy and accountability of exercising with others as well as the leadership of a personal trainer.

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