Personal Trainers

Raekwon Parker

Ray has a background in health and fitness as well as athletic performance training with personal collegiate athletic performance. His passion for fitness began through his love of sports and desire to help make life-changing impacts on people’s lives worldwide. Ray’s approach to fitness is a lifelong behavior modification where we have continuous improvement. He would define his sessions as simple, challenging and efficient with an emphasis on form and mobility. His goal of integrating cardio and strength training in combination with balance, mobility, and flexibility exercises is to improve the demands of daily life activities and movements.

910-455-7274  |  1140 Henderson Drive, Jacksonville, NC


– B.S degree in Human & Health Performance: Exercise & Sports Studies
– ACE Certified Personal Trainer
– ISSA Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Client Specializations

– Functional Strength Training
– Athletic & Sport Performance
– Balance & Coordination
– Mobility & Flexibility

– Dynamic & Explosive Movements

Personal Interests

– Olympic Lifts
– Yoga
– Agility & Speed drills

Necole Heck

Necole Began personal training after realizing that she should use her extreme passion for health, wellness, and all things fitness! Necole has been her own Client/Trainer for over a decade. Training in variations across all modalities, which have lead her to train others as a result of what she has done and learned!

Necole is a wife and mother of three girls. Her husband served as a career Marine, placing them here in Jacksonville. We love our military community and the relationships built over the years. She enjoys training herself and others!

910-455-7274  |  1140 Henderson Drive, Jacksonville, NC


– ACE Certified Personal Trainer
– Fitness Nutrition Specialist
– Alloy Trainer
– Cross Training Coach
– Les Mills Grit
– Les Mills Sprint

Client Specializations

– Corrective Exercise
– Muscular Strength and Endurance Training
– Post Partum Strength Training

Personal Interests

– Systematic training
– Focusing on Mind/Muscle Connections
– Why And how to recover from specific training

Bree Hathcox

Bree is the Fitness Director at Onslow Fitness. She coaches her Personal Training clients and conducts onboarding of all our new members throughout the gym. Bree is originally from Australia and has been involved in the Fitness Industry for over 10 years. Bree served in the Australian Army before transitioning into her career as a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Bree has a passion for wellness, performance and body building. Bree has competed in the WBFF Bikini Division and enjoys coaching women to build the hourglass shape through weightlifting and education about nutrition and flexible dieting.

910-455-7274  |   1140 Henderson Drive, Jacksonville, NC


– Certified Personal Trainer
– Certified Nutritionist
– Certified Glute Specialist
– Certified Yoga Instructor

Client Specializations

– Body building
– Hypertrophy for all ages
– Building the hourglass shape
– Flexible dieting education

Personal Interests

– Bodybuilding
– Powerlifting
– Balanced nutrition

Corey Romero

Developed a love for fitness in the Marine Corps and after 8 years of service, decided to continue both education and experience in the fitness industry. Integrates knowledge as a strength specialist by designing an individualized, progressive program of mobility, core, and strength training exercises for clients based on their fitness goals. Experienced in working with service members from different branches of the military to improve their overall fitness level and increase their fitness test scores and readiness. Corey believes wholeheartedly that the use of strength and resistance training is an effective and safe manner to improve self-efficacy, confidence, and increase the health of both the mind and the body.

910-455-7274  |  1140 Henderson Drive, Jacksonville, NC


– ACE Certified Personal Trainer
– Group training
– Bootcamp
– Resistance bands

Client Specializations

– Strength training
– Muscle hypertrophy with emphasis on the development of lean muscle mass
– Training Resistance Exercise Bands to encourage functional movement and build the foundations for proper exercise movements.

Personal Interests

– Strength
– Physique
– Muscular Endurance


 As a welcome and kick-start to joining the Onslow Fitness Community, new members receive the following:

1-on-1 Coaching Session

Each new member receives a complementary coaching session by a certified personal trainer. The coaching session purpose is to help the new or existing members get acclimated to the club and provide them with the tools they need to be successful in their fitness journey. In this session, the personal trainer will collect workout and medical history, limitations, and goals. With your permission, the personal trainer will take you through the fit 3d body scan and a functional movement screening. The Fit 3D body scanner will show your metabolic make-up including a full body 3D image, percent body fat, lean mass, posture, body circumference, basal metabolic rate, and more. The functional movement screening will allow the trainer to better assess your current mobility, balance and coordination allowing them to take you through a short full body functional workout at your recommended level. This session will concluded with an assist in setting up a weekly schedule as well as personal training recommendations if appropriate.

Equipment orientation

Each new member receives a complimentary equipment orientation instructed by a certified personal trainer. This orientation will focus on the pin machines and cable machines on the main floor. During this orientation, you will have the opportunity to try the equipment first hand. This includes learning how to adjust the machine, how to pick your weight based on your fitness goals, and safety tips. The personal trainer will give you a workout card. This card will allow you to track your reps, sets, and weights as well as cardio time, personal information and notes. The card can be stored at the gym at the front desk for convenience and you can meet with a personal trainer at any time if you have additional questions.

FIT 3d Body Scanner

The Fit 3D is a 3D body scanner that will give you a full body image and metabolic make-up. The scan will give you hundreds of measurements including circumferences, lengths, contours, widths, surface areas, and volumes. A posture analysis will show your body’s shifts, tilts, and rotations. The four-point weight scale and 3D camera will use DXA algorithms to tell your total weight as well as your fat mass and lean mass breakdown. This will all be sent directly to your email and you can set an appointment at any time to have a certified personal trainer discuss the results with you.   

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