Now that it’s football season again (Go Team!), here are some top tips on how to train for strength, agility, and power – just like the guys you watch on the gridiron!

Training for Strength

When training for strength, nothing beats weight training. Football players need to be strong enough to fight off some pretty big threats, no matter what position they may play. The options for weight training include all the traditional options like hand weights, leg press, and bench press — but have you considered some of the truly unique strength building options? Kettle bells are a popular way for both football heroes and ordinary guys to build major muscle quickly. Kettle bells also have the advantage of being an extra fun way to train just because they feel a bit more unique than the standard weight machines.

Training for Agility

While big strength is certainly an important part of a football player’s talents, agility is just as vital. Whether it’s a running back who needs to zip down the field for a touchdown or it’s a defensive tackle who needs to shut down the other team’s tricky plays super quickly, there is no doubt that agility really matters in training. Group fitness classes are a great way to focus on agility with the expert guidance of a personal trainer. Thanks to the small group size, there are plenty of chances to get input from the trainer while having the motivation and fun of working out with others at the fitness center.


Training for Power

Pure explosive power is one of the most important things for any football player, but knowing how to reach your full power potential can sometimes be a bit challenging. This is something you can’t just leave to chance. If you want to develop a specific trait like power, nothing is more effective that one on one training with a personal trainer. Personal training is an excellent chance to create a goal and then map your way to achieving it with the help of a dedicated trainer. If you have specific goals in terms of time, body, or anything else, discuss them with your personal trainer. They can work hand in hand with you to make sure that your goals are within reach — and in fact that your goals will be met!

Working out like a football player may sound like a huge challenge, but it’s easier than you think. With the help of a top notch multi-use fitness center, you’ll be looking like your gridiron hero faster than you ever dreamed!